“Follow ME!”

And after these things He went forth, and saw a publican, named Levi, sitting at the receipt of custom: and He said unto him, Follow Me. And he left all, rose up, and followed Him. Luke 5:27,28 To read: Luke 5:27-32

Levi does not have time to get to know Yahshua. He is way too busy with his financial business. He is not aware of all the delightful stories and miracles of the Rabbi from Nazareth. Who would tell him these stories, to him who is considered a despised publican? And even when he would have heard about the stories, he, Levi does not need the healing of Yahshua Christ. He doesn’t feel sick at all, so why would he need a doctor? Healthy people don’t consult a doctor.

However, Levi is sick, he is very sick, in fact, he is dying. Only he doesn’t know it. That makes it even more dangerous. But Yahshua Christ does know Levi is sick. The Redeemer knows him and the bad situation Levi is in. Yahshua Christ knows where to find  him. That’s why He is on His way to the custom-house.  

“Jesus went forth” this phrase expresses His Love to come to seek and to save that which was lost. And to deliver His people out of the clasping grip of sin and death.

Levi is not looking for Yahshua Christ, let alone that he is expecting Him. However Yahshua is looking for Levi. Yahshua is going towards to the custom-house, to a man in need. The publican is not standing in the doorway to see Him, nor waiting for Him. He doesn’t know, that he is wanted. Levi doesn’t intend to get up and leave everything behind to go along with Yahshua. He remains seated and let Yahshua Jesus pass him by. What does a publican has to do with this Rabbi and those who are with Him?  People will look at him. Nothing in Levi’s life would have changed when he wouldn’t have met Yahshua.

Numerous people did see Levi at the custom-house but they didn’t even give him as much as a glance. And when they did look, their look did not show any compassion on the contrary, it was nothing but contempt.  Eventually, it wouldn’t have bothered him anymore as he belonged to the guild of sinners.

Yahshua, however, does not. He approaches this lonely man. This man who knew so much more about finances than compassion. Yahshua does not turn His head when he sees Levi at the custom-house. He looks Levi straight in the eyes. And then something happens that the hardened publican cannot resist. When Levi catches the look of Yahshuah, it is as if he was struck by lightning, because the Look of Yahshua went right through him. The Look of Yahshua took the veil right off and exposing his poor existence. Levi must have cast down his eyes full of shame. All resistance must have been broken as Levi remained as paralyzed.

Isn’t the soul reflected in the eyes? Oh, how the luster in the Eyes of Yahshuah Christ is warming the frozen heart of the publican. This luster chased away the darkness of sin and loneliness in which Levi was caught. Now he is caught in a Look of Eterna lLove, a Love for which men will give up all that he has. Levi completely surrenders. The Love of JYahshua conquers and makes free. To know Yahshua brings forth New Life. The words “Follow Me” must have been a relief for Levi.

Levi gets up without any resistance leaving everything behind. The Love of Yahshua Christ and the words “Follow Me” meant everything to him.

The Pharisees were aggravated and murmuring!

Levi, the publican, was an Israelite and wrote the Gospel of Matthew.