“They That Know Thy Name”

And they that know Thy Name will put their trust in Thee: for Thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek Thee. Psalms 9:10

This Psalm is a Psalm of God’s deliverance. In this Psalm, David wants to show God’s Wonders because He has delivered His people. When there was no hope God came to the rescue. God heard the calling of the wretched and delivered them. That’s what He always does. In times of trouble, He is the Refuge for the oppressed. And David knew all about it. He knew he could count on God. David here speaks of stedfast faith, and a joyful hope and the deepest Love.

To know the Name of God means that we know Who God is. Because His great Name tells us His Works and all that He does; His righteousness and lovingkindness; but most of all His faithfulness and His mercy. God made His Name known to Moses and wrote down His Name in the history of His saving acts of Israel. He unfolded His Name in the Psalms and through His Prophets. But above all, He declared His Name in the Gospels.  In John 17:16a Jesus Christ declares God’s Name; And I have declared unto them Thy Name,

In Him God has completely revealed His Name. Not because of us, but because of His goodwill toward man. It was the initiative of God to make Himself fully known through preaching of the Christ and Him crucified and His Resurrection. Because God is hidden in Jesus Christ in all His fullness. Who has seen Jesus Christ has seen the Father.

Meanwhile to know the Name of God is a deep and joyful secret. Because it is a lot more than to know that God is there for us. It is not only to know God with the mind but it is the carrying of God’s Name in our heart.

It is to know the Love and the personal relationship with God. The personal relationship His Name to our life this also makes that we are hidden in His Name. And this secret will show up in our lives and in all that we do.

When we know His Name we respectfully fear Him.

  • Psalms 25:14 The secret of the LORD is with them that fear Him; and He will shew them His covenant”
  • Psalms 9:10 And they that know Thy Name will put their trust in Thee:

Isn’t this as a matter of fact? Where there is love there is trust. When we know the Name of the Lord we put all our trust in Him. For richer for poorer.

David speaks in his Psalm about the oppressed and the wretched. People who seemed to be under the control of the ungodly. However, in these troublesome times, God will be a Refuge. They will put all their trust Him knowing that they will receive from the Father’s Hand everything they need. Yes, even when God’s Hand rests sorely upon them and God’s way is unsearchable. Just at that time.

Let our fears and the hopeless days of our times be a comfort to us as strange as this may sound. Enemies are all around us. Trials and tribulation will remain and will get worse as time goes by. Dangers and deception surrounding us every single day will increase.

But then David comes with this God’s inspired Word: For Thou Lord hast not forsaken them that seek Thee.

  • Shouldn’t we ask ourselves to make sure we know the Name of God?
  • Or is the Name of God still strange to us?
  • Are we truly able to put all our trust in His Name?
  • Is His Name for us truly a Refuge in sorrow and a Rock we can build our life on?
  • Only then we can rightfully trust this Name.
  • Only then we will receive the rich promise that we are hidden in this Name.

It will not be in vain for them that seek God. God will not forget the oppressed God will never forsake them that seek Him. He never did. In honor of His Name.

Oh, but wait! It happened one time. During that dark Night on Golgotha when the Son was seeking the Father. But the Father forsook the Son so that we that seek Him never will be forsaken.

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  1. When you trust in the lord all your worries disappear and he protects you from harm. There cannot be any doubt.

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