Pentecost, The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Pentecost. Commemoration Day of the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Acts  2:4 “And they all were filled with the Holy Spirit”. Pentecost forty days after the Ascension of Yahshua Christ; fifty days after Passover, His Resurrection,  the Holy Spirit was poured out.

The Act of the Holy Spirit: the sudden sound was like that of a mighty wind, filling the whole house where the disciples were staying in Jerusalem. Cloven tongues like fire were seen up them. The fishermen of Galilee were speaking in different foreign languages. All people present were amazed and able to understand the great Event that had happened. Christ crucified, but also risen; the Crowned Christ  and now  at the Right Hand of the Father.

The Gift of the Holy Spirit. The Presence within trusting hearts. The quiet peace and the  blessed assurance within, telling us about the wondrous Yahweh God. To live a life and keep His Commandments in honor of His Holy Name. The Holy Spirit will lead us through this life on earth teaching us all Truth until we also can be where our Kinsman Redeemer is, in the Kingdom of Heaven. Blessed rest, blessed peace for the soul.