“Where art Thou?” Whom seek ye?”

And the LORD called unto Adam and said unto him: “Where art thou?Genesis 3:9  /  “Jesus therefore, knowing all things that should come upon Him, went forth,  and said unto them: “Whom seek ye?” John 18:4

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Above mentioned, Bible verses are interrelated. The question Yahshua Christ asked “Whom seek ye?” in the Garden of Olives is a follow-up of the question Yahweh God asked “Where art thou?” in the Garden of Eden.

“Where Art Thou?”

As soon as Adam and Eve” had eaten the fruit” of the tree of good and evil, absolutely forbidden by Yahweh God, their eyes were opened. They felt guilt and fear, and they made themselves breeches of fig leaves, for they were ashamed. When Yahweh called out to Adam “Where art thou?”, Adam tried to hide himself for His Creator. Sin and death came into this world by the first Adam. Yahweh’s own, the man turned against Him by disobeying Him, and therefore man was now under the control of satan.

Whom Seek ye?”

The second Adam came, God’s Son, the Christ, Who would fulfill and finish the Law of Yahweh, to bruise satan’s head. After Yahshua had ended the Prayer to the Father, John 17 He and His disciples went to Kidron Valley and in the Garden Yahshua saw the officers of the high priests and the Pharisees with torches and weapons. Although Yahshua Christ knew what was going to happen to Him yet He stepped forward and asked: “Whom seek ye?” They said they were looking for Yahshua of Nazareth, “I am He, let these go their way.” With these words Yahshua Christ fulfilled the Words He has spoken in the Prayer to the Father: “those that Thou gavest Me I have kept and none of them is lost”. John 17:12

Adam in the wonderful Garden of Eden was not able to resist the devil and believed satan’s  lies. Yahshua Christ without food in the wilderness forty days and forty nights did resist the devil, the father of lies, and He said: in Matthew 4:10 “Get thee hence satan” (=go away from me satan).  The devil tried to tempt  Christ three times.  The Saviour did not fall.

Eat from the Tree of Life

The Second Adam, Yahshua Christ completely fulfilled and finished  with His precious Blood the Law of the Father on the cursed tree of Golgotha, destroying satan’s work, like satan once destroyed the work of Yahweh in the Garden of Eden. Yahweh God redeemed His own that once belonged to Him. Although satan’s work is totally destroyed,  it seems that mankind does not know what it means, this wonderful Blessedness and Salvation. Science, politics, non-governmental organizations, and multi-nationals are still enjoying the fruit of the tree of good and evil. That means manipulating Yahweh’s Truth and leaving out the very essentials. Still holding on to the evolution theory, which brought forth gruesome outgrows of, catholicism, new age and any other old eastern religion based upon rituals and traditions. The tree of good and evil cannot make fruit; it is a tree of death and destruction. The Tree of Life is the Fruit. Christ the Redeemer is meant with the Tree of Life; Yahshua is the Life, and only He can restore life.


“Where art thou?” a question that makes us shiver. It means separated from the LORD and condemnation of death.

“Whom seek ye?” a question for us to rejoice, Life in the Presence of the Saviour; Life Everlasting.