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Thermopylae, Bunker Hill, Narva, and the Alamo: heroic names of heroic battlefields, where Aryan men fought and died in defense of their Race and Nation. Battles, though lost, brings to mind the rallying of Aryan Warriors to war against oppressors. We admire the struggle and devotion of these men who stood in the past to allow their Kinsmen precious time to arm and ready themselves to battle the enemy hordes.

Who cannot admire the courage and determination of the southern armies in fighting for the independence of their nation. Aryans, though outnumbered, starving, and ill-equipped, without munitions, shoes, and, but rags for uniforms, continued the struggle to save their race, freedoms, and homeland, finally winning their brave struggle through a guerrilla war under the banner of the Ku Klux Klan.

What about National Socialist Germany? This era of history brings mixed feelings to a boil, our own Kindred in the USA was trying to destroy Germany while Germany was a nation dedicated to the Aryan Race making a desperate bid to smash the Jewish communism (anti-Christ). Who cannot admire the spirit and determination of these Aryan soldiers as they battled the Satanic inspired Soviet bolshevik system. Aryans who stood against the blows of the Soviet hammer were beaten down and finally cut to pieces by the Soviet sickle—a hammer and sickle forged by the Jew—controlled West and tempered in Aryan Blood.

We of the Aryan Nations do not wish to return to the past to relive the glory and splendor of the old South, nor of National Socialist Germany. We admire their societies and Aryan cultures, but we have a much better Government to which we look forward—-the Kingdom (Government) of YaHWeH, which will be firmly established when Christ, our King, returns with His mighty army to destroy the Satanic armies of the beast system arrayed against YAHWEHS remnant.

Yahweh has His Government and Satan has a counterfeit government. This “kingdom of evil“ is ruled by satan, the prince of this world. The Scriptures tell us that Satan offered Christ all the kingdoms of this earth, if he would only bow down to Satan. This is proof that Satan has a government, which has control over all the governments of the world. This organized, evil government is governed and controlled by the Synagogue of Satan, who intern controls all the world’s political movements through the Babylon system of banking, finances, and economics. A study of Scripture (Genesis 3:15) Will reveal that Satan (that old serpent) has literal offspring in conflict here on earth with YAHWEHS covenant race. Christ traced this evil serpent seed line, which he identified as Jews, back to Cain (see John 8, Mathew 23, I John 2:23, and John 3:12.

When the Jew High Priest Caiaphas ordered his temple guard (Jew Police) to arrest and hold for trial our Savior, a great wheel began turning to bring about the beginning of the tribulation era. First, the Jews persecuted the early Christians; then the great persecution and Martyrdoms of Rome (both through Pagan Romans and later the Roman Catholic Church);  finally the persecution by the hands of communist. It must be remembered that Satan owns all earthly kingdom’s; he, therefore, shall lead them in destroying the true Word of Yahweh and all who follow YAHWEHS Commandments.

The modern Christian denominations have come full turn. Christ knew how diabolical Satan was, and He revealed that Satan would secretly take over church doctrine and would persecute to destroy the elect. This evil insurrection came slowly at first, but gradually corrupted Christian doctrine, as the apostasy of the religious leaders and Christians increased, until today Satan rules Christian churches as the anti-Christ. The Roman catholic church of the middle ages was more than a religious institution. Through the power of the Holy Roman Empire and it’s hold on the royalty, the church became a political force. When the reformation movement finally broke the yolk of the Papacy, Satan, by means of the same mystery of iniquity, gradually took the reigns of reformed Protestant churches. Today, the modern churches—-both Catholic and Protestant—-call for the worship of these Jews, whom the Christ called the synagogue of Satan (One can listen to the 700 club or any TV preacher crying over the “poor Jew” any evening on the TV).

These modern day, anti-Christ so-called “Christians“ are proclaiming that world Jewry is the Messiah. The theatrics of the clergy suggest that they would wish that the Christian Aryan’s would believe the holocaust myth and the assertion that the surviving Jews are the true resurrected Messiah. The Jews have described themselves not only as the “chosen people“ but also as the sub-race governing the world. The Jews, in actuality, are the anti-Christ who rule the governments of the world through the power of Satan. Those who do not believe the Jewish lies are labeled “heretics,” “neo-nazis,” “bigots,” and “insensitive reactionaries.”

Since the passion of YAHSHUA, True Christianity has suffered continuous persecution and martyrdoms. The only slack periods of persecutions came when Aryans (the Israelite Race) Migrated to new lands, establishing their own governments in worshiping in peace. The final era of peace occurred when our Aryan ancestors settled north America. Now there are no other lands to settle in order to escape the persecutions.

As we enter into the Kingdom Age, we will see the greatest tribulation period ever known to our Race.

Satan knows that his days are short; he, therefore is unyielding in his prevention of the establishment of YAHWEHS Government and Christ’s coronation on the throne of David.

8 thoughts on “Enter the Kingdom

  1. Yes, all this is clear. Then we still have people that want to talk about Joe Biden or Donald Trump. Evil has a disgusting feel to it. I don’t even want to think about any of the lying evil politicians. It is such an absurd thing to even consider any discussion about their so called visions or attempts. They are just buying more time as their global satanists finish their web to enslave and persecute Christians .
    Just as in the times of the Romans or the Spanish inquisition which was run by the Jews.

    1. Yes, the article of Aryan Nations that I re-posted sure tells it like it is.

      The jews are evil masters in deception. They throw the entire world in disarray to cover up their wicked plans they intend to implement at a given time.

      1. I liked your comments on that. What used to seem like a harsh rebuttal to the group’s of these decievers now seems like it’s to little,too late. WWII vets and Korean Vets told what would happen. I was too young to understand. I’m looking for that Aryan nation post.

        1. Here is the link to the website of Aryan Nations https://cjcc-aryan-nations.com/

          I read all the articles he publishes. The Kingdom of Heaven only applies to the White Race and is God’s Covenant people. Yes, that is a hard rebuttal and according to (Judeo-) Christians it does not represent Christianity.

          1. I was eating lunch at my favorite place today and brought the truth about who we are to a gentleman there. It really made a difference . He thanked me and almost broke down in tears. He said he knew somewhere in his heart that there was something more. I looked at him and saw his physical characteristics, I said, you are Scottish and Irish. He said that was true. I told him the truth, what we are where we came from. He thanked me.

          2. A most wonderful narrative. Keep sharing. May the man share that what you shared with him, that we, the White Race, are Yahweh’s Covenant people; Celtic,-the Germanic,- the Scandinavian,- and the kindred peoples. The Truth must be told.
            When a Judeo (Christian) doesn’t believe this or gets hostile, as that happens many times, shake the shoulders and move on.

  2. Older Christians seem to understand younger people don’t seem to care as they avoid religious topics. This is a problem. You cannot deny the Creator. It is a wonderful Thing.

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