Elijah, God is YAHWEH

“As the LORD God Israel liveth before, Whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, but according to My Word” 1Kings 17:1

God is Yahweh

Elijah, the Tishbite suddenly stood before king Ahab and proclaimed that there would be a drought throughout the land for three years and a half. This judgment was said that the people should turn to Yaweh God again, turn away from their idolatry. Prophecies usually point to the present time and beyond. These three years and a half  of drought are pointing to Great Tribulation, the time the antichrist will be the dictator of this world. The antichrist, however, has nothing to offer let alone, life; the only thing he has to offer is death and destruction.

The Brook Cherith

During the years of the drought, Yahweh took care of Elijah and fed him through ravens in the morning and in the evening; the  Brook Cherith had fresh water for him to drink until the brook was dried up too.

The Widow of Zarephapth

Yahweh said to Elijah to go to the widow of Zarephath in Zidon to sojourn there. Zidon, Lebanon was the birthplace of Jezebel and the very center of idolatry. He asked the widow if he could have a drink of water and a morsel of the cake. She was gathering sticks to make a fire so that she and her son could eat together for the last time. A handful of meal in a barrel and a bit of oil in the cruse was all she had left. The Prophet knew this, however, she should not be afraid but to go ahead and prepare some cake for him first and then for herself and her son. And behold, the meal in the barrel and the oil did not lessen.

Suddenly. the son of the widow passed on, and she more or less held Elijah responsible for his death. The Prophet took her son to his lodgings. Three times he prayed to put the soul back into the body of the widow’s son. On the third day, Yahshuaj the Lord Jesus has truly risen from the dead. Your son is alive and well. The widow now knew that Elijah belonged to is the only true God, the God of Israel. The Lord Jesus Christ died as a Ransom for many and was truly risen the third day Luke 24:34. Only through Yahshua,The Redeemer, there is Life; He is the Resurrection and the Life. John 11:25,26 Luke 24:6.

Mount Carmel


Ahab furious blamed Elijah for the drought he caused. No, Ahab, not I, but you did, you and your fathers before you by leaving Yahweh, to turn to idolatry and serve Baalim. Nonetheless, gather all the prophets and come to Mount Carmel. When we look down from Mount Carmel we see the Valley of Armageddon (Valley of Destruction). Here will take place the decisive battle and the final overthrow of the antichrist; the end of his one-world-government; the end of the world’s history. Ahab gathered the 450 prophets of the Baal and the 400 prophets of Asjera. When all of Israel were gathered together, Elijah three times appealed to the conscience of the people by asking: “How long will you have two minds?” They could not have it both ways. It is either Yahweh or an idol, and there is nothing in between. Nobody answered. Just as in the present time, there are many onlookers; they perhaps may take part in a discussion or a dialog, a specific choice is being avoided at all costs. It would be discriminating and certainly politically incorrect.


In a second appeal, Elijah reminds the people that he is the only prophet of the Yahweh, who is left. There were of the onlookers 7000 Israelites left who did not bend their knees for the image of Baalim but they did not dare to acknowledge the Name of Yahweh. These days there also is: . For many are called but few are chosen. Matthew 22:14.

Elijah gave the false prophets ample time. From the morning till late in the afternoon, they were still screaming and cutting themselves for their false gods to answer them and to send fire for the altar. No avail.

“Come near to me” Elijah’s  third appeal. All the people came near. He built an altar with twelve stones according to the twelve sons of Jacob/Israel. Three times four is twelve* barrels of water** were poured on the sacrifice and the wood so that the trenches surrounding the altar were overflowing.  And he prayed to Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to let them know that HE is the Only God in Israel. The answer of the Living God came, the sacrifice and the altar turned into a blazing fire. The fire only burned the substitutes, the sacrifice and the altar. Yahweh God let His People go free. When the people saw this all happening  they called out “the Lord is YAHWEH, the Lord is YAHWEH.” Drawing this moment  to the Man of Sorrow we also see a Substitute Sacrifice an innocent Lamb, Whose Blood flowed  on Calvary’s Cross to make free.

Waiting for the Rain

Six times Elijah’s servant went up the mountain to look for a rain cloud to show up. When he went the seventh time and behold a cloud of the size of a man’s hand was coming up out of the sea in a clear blue sky. Soon this small cloud will be a mass of dark clouds bringing rain. Elijah told Ahab to go home quickly.

* Twelve barrels of water, twelve tribes of Israel

**Where the water came from I honestly don’t know and as far as I know it is not mentioned in the Bible. Nothing, however, nothing is impossible for YAHWEH, the I AM, THAT I AM.

to be continued part 2