The Descendants of The Twelve Tribes of Israel in Europe

Descendants of the twelve tribes of Israel in NW Europe.  The Christians, the Biblical Israelites, the Anglo Saxons. History traces them moving north and west. They migrated to the Caspian- and the Black Sea and crossed the Caucasus Mountains. That’s where the name Caucasian comes from. The White people, the Israelites, became known in North-Western Europe under different names. Anglo-Saxons are the Germanic-, the Celtic-, the Scandinavian, and the kindred people, The Caucasians are all of one racial family.

Historic Proof of Israel’s Migrations

From North Western Europe the Christians, the Biblical Israelites, the Anglo Saxons migrated to United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand The white nations of the world are the descendants of the twelve tribes.


These are the countries in Europe that the Israelites migrated to, founded and settled. Emblems are found in various European Countries.

  • 1/Reuben: (Leah Genesis 29:31) France, Belgium. He lost his first birthright Exodus 48:22 and 1Chronicles 5:1-2.
  • 2/Simeon: (Leah Genesis 29:33) Spain, The tribe of Simeon is not mentioned in Deuteronomy chapter 33.
  • 3/Levi: (Leah 29:34) The priestly tribe, dwelled among all the brethren.
  • 4/Judah: (Leah 29:35) England, Germany. Judah is the royal tribe. Judah had 2 sons by Tamar his daughter-in-law. Pharez and Zarah. Christ is from the Pharez line. The Zarahites left Egypt before the Exodus and went on to settle in Troy and Rome.
  • 5/Dan: (first son of Bilhah, handmaid Rachel, Genesis 30:5) Dan was the scouting  tribe Denmark. Danube river. The tribe of Dan is not mentioned in Revelation 7:5-8.
  • 6/Naphtali: (second son of Bilhah, handmaid Rachel, Genesis 30:7 ) Norway,  Italy.
  • 7/Gad: ​​ (first son of Zilpah, handmaid Leah, Genesis 30:10) Switzerland.
  • 8/ Asher: (second son Zilpah, handmaid Leah, Genesis 30:12) Belgium, Austria, Sweden.
  • 9/Issachar: ( Leah Genesis 30:18) Finland.
  • 10/Zebulun: (Leah)Genesis 30:19) The Netherlands.
  • 11/Joseph: (Rachel) Genesis 30:24 (Ephraim and Manasseh) Ephraim. Great Britain and the British Commonwealth, Manasseh The United States.
  • 12/Benjamin: (Rachel) Genesis 35:18 Iceland.

A new name for the Biblical Israelites

  • Isaiah 62:2,3 And the Gentiles (=people of other nations) shall see thy righteousness, and all kings thy glory: and thou shalt be called by a new name, which the mouth of the LORD shall name. 3 Thou shalt also be a crown of glory in the hand of the LORD, and a royal diadem in the hand of thy God.
  • Isaiah 65:15 And ye shall leave your name for a curse unto my chosen: for the Lord GOD shall slay thee, and call his servants by another name:

And this new name we find in

  • Acts 11:26 And when he had found him, he brought him unto Antioch. And it came to pass, that a whole year they assembled themselves with the church, and taught much people. And the disciples were called Christians.

And yes, I know the Gospel is all aboutYahshua Christ. However, the Yahshua Christ is the SAME PERSON as Yahweh God, the Holy One of Israel of the Old Testament, Who made the Covenant with Abraham, confirmed the Covenant with Isaac, and renewed the Covenant with Jacob/Israel. Nothing spiritual.

Luke 1:68 and 72,73

  • 68 Blessed be the Lord God of Israel; for he hath visited and redeemed his people,
  • 72 To perform the mercy promised to our fathers, and to remember his holy covenant; 
  • 73The oath which he sware to our father Abraham

The issue of this post is about the migration of the Biblical people and that God fulfills ALL of His promises. His prophecies also are and will be fulfilled at His time the good ones and the bad ones.

The Dishonesty of Those……….

Phariseeism or Anglo-Saxon Identity

But most of all, the modern jews call themselves Yahweh’s chosen people but the fact is they are not, nor have they ever been, nor will they ever be, nor can they ever be!


What  jews ARE NOT:

  • 1/ Israelites
  • 2/Hebrews
  • 3/Shemites
  • 4/Are not from the Tribe Judah
  • 5/Are not from the House of Judah.

What jews ARE:

  • 1/Edomites
  • 2/Arabs
  • 3/Canaanites
  • 4/Edom, also known as Idumea
  • 5/Edomites, also known as Idumeans

Why is IT the jews

The intense hatred of jews against the White People

102 thoughts on “The Descendants of The Twelve Tribes of Israel in Europe

  1. This is very good Jackie. Yes the truth has become and has been controversial. These false ones are nasty and self Righteous People. They need to snap out of their trance. It’s quite ridiculous when the facts are even in the OLD TESTAMENT. This came to me a long time ago. Deductive reasoning and just a bit of research. Then I found you or you found me. I saw your upvotes. Yes, I mess around. But This thing here is an amazing creation. It is good to find intelligence instead of continuous ignorance. I feel as if I am surrounded by children.

    1. The Old Testament is still valid this very day. The Abrahamic Covenant, God promises are staring us right in the face every day. His prophecies also will be fulfilled, the good ones and the bad ones.

      The White Race are the Biblical Israelites. Adam was formed by God as a white man, Jesus Christ. when walking on earth was a White Man. That’s how God wanted it to be. White people calling themselves Christians are usually responding hostile to this fact. Even to the extreme. Why is it wrong to feel ashamed or hate your own White Race.

      The New Testament is a continuance of the Old Testament the Bible is much better to understand. It casts quite a different but true light on Gods Words.
      We can now know how to discern who is who in the New Testament. The Gospel went West and not East. The Gospel was first and foremost intended for the scattered Israelites. Personal salvation certainly does count, and yet we have to see matters in a broader perspective I think. When Jesus Christ started His Ministry, HIS first words were: Matthew 4:17 “Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand””.

  2. So my theory may be correct since there are two creations of man and women in King James the first creation is the other races. It has to be that. There are no generations but those of Adam and Eve. In the first creation he created man and woman. Then later he created Adam and out of him using a rib, Eve. The other races do seem incomplete and empty in my experience.

    1. Before Adam was formed and God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life in Genesis 2:7, God created other generations, Genesis 2:4. That tells us that there were other beings on the earth before Adam was formed by God. Adam was a White Man. So the generation from Adam to Christ were all White people of pure and undefiled seed, (DNA) and blood. God took care of that. We can read that all through the Bible.

      Read for instance the story of Tamar and Judah. Judah was married to a Canaanite woman. So his three sons were of another DNA line. Tamar was an Israelite woman. Her twin sons she conceived by Judah thus were of pure DNA and blood. Their son Pharez continues the generation of Jesus Christ.

      And Ruth was an Israelite- and not a gentile woman, as we are led to believe. She was only a Moabite, by geography.

      Genesis 3:15 tells us that we are dealing with two seed lines. That is what the Lord Jesus is referring to in John 8:44. Because Cain is not the son of Adam, he is from the fallen angel Lucifer. And Cain killed Abel and lied to God. Abel is from Adam and Eve.

      John 8:44 connects with Genesis 4:8-9 the so-called apple from the forbidden tree? Then why did they cover themselves?

      Cain is not mentioned in the generation list of Jesus Christ. Esau is a grandson of Abraham, but that’s as far as it goes. It is Jacob/Israel who continues the generation line of Jesus Christ. And not Esau.

      1. So, what you believe is that Eve had a relationship with Lucifer? Mine is that the Blacks, the South American Indians and the Orientals are the first creation of man. But I also believe that these structures , Pyramids and such things are from higher life forms. Perhaps the watchers. My opinion, Orientals and South American Indians are similar. The occurrence of blue eyes from a single person six thousand years ago and out of nowhere is Adam I believe. It has to be.

        1. Yes, I believe Lucifer beguiled her sexually. From that relation, Cain was conceived. Evil seed. The beings that God created before Adam and Eve, were not of the evil seed of Cain. They are non-whites and God did not make a covenant with them. As in the days of Jesus Christ and nowadays they have their own culture and their own gods. The Gospel went West and not East.

          Yes, there is no way that people with a darker skin tone are straight from Adam. No way no how. That is a mixed DNA line. The story goes that dark-skinned people came from Ham, the second son of Noah, but that is not true. Noah cursed Canaan and not Ham. And I don’t know whether the people of Canaan became dark-skinned people The pure White race is the only race that can blush. People that look as if they are white and do not blush are not pure Caucasians.

          Anyway, Cain became a fugitive and a vagabond. The evil seed, the Jews were never a nation, let alone that they had a kingdom. The land they now live in is not theirs and never was. That was gained by violence and automatic weaponry and established the Rothschild, a Jew.

          When you ask me, the pyramids and other huge building structures in this world were built by giants. The giants are an offspring of the fallen angels that mingled themselves with the daughters of men. (Genesis 6:1-5)

          Tell you what, the Egyptians as was the Pharaoh of course, in the days of Joseph, son of Jacob were of the White Race. The people mixed themselves with dark people. Exodus 1:8 tells us that the Pharaoh did not know Joseph, this Pharaoh was not White but had a darker skin.

          1. I have to agree. The serpent beguiled Eve. The serpent is Satan. The tree of life must be the DNA. The garden of Eden is our beginning and it is between the Tigress and Euphrates just as was taught in school when I was young. That area has the remains of the tower of Babel. I am happy to share with you your research and findings. The apple is symbolic. All this makes sense. Right now it is so clear to me that we are the target. The Ancestry Data and searches are so corrupt that it takes forever to follow a line. The former employees of Google are now at ancestry creating a fake Jew database and corrupting the trees. So Satan was the one who caused the two to part. Cain’s line was cursed . Abel, the farmer perhaps but this building of shelter was part of the western culture. The blacks and browns were hunter gatherers. What is happening now is the Synagogue is causing a huge influx of Blacks and browns to flood the west. Their control of the media has twisted and blinded things that are so obvious. Realms is nearly all Jew run. I went deep into those relationships and the channels. They are nasty people. And totally convinced that they have a right to be. Gods chosen people would be respectable and at least try to be good natured. Our control and our ability to show the clear truth has been somewhat hindered by this overwhelming selfish control of speech and media. This blog has allowed me freedom to bring forth my beliefs and what comes to me. There is a reason for everything . There is a reason that people come to me and need help.

          2. Yes,the Pharaohs were white. Red and Blonde hair . And don’t forget that burial ground South of Cairo Over a million bodies buried in shafts separated by hair color. Every verse in the Bible verified. You know woman, every day I face oppression, The continuous attempts by ones around me to either control my forward movement or destroy me. And each time they fail and are punished without me even addressing it. I give to certain ones who are facing hardship. One with no real family. I see an intelligent person who can be a successful winner. No chance because she is white. In a bad position. I have spent a lot. My plan is to get her back on her feet and then pay her tuition so she can pursue her dream and have a chance.

  3. John 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
    45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.
    46 Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me?
    47 He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.
    It just keeps coming forth. The hard core Jew is the Cain descendant. The common person maybe. maybe not but they have to see the truth. If they cannot, then they may not be able . It is clear and it is in the old testament. There is no possible way to deny this especially with the number seven being part of the scripture and in Mathew. I cannot judge, I can only witness. Their deeds are their identification. I believe they murdered Germans because they knew they were Israelite’s and had slipped from their grip bypassing the central Jew banks that strangled them after WWII. My mind and everyone’s brainwashed from birth. And it seems anyone that speaks up has a label put on them. Breeding destroys a line. And the definition of Bastard in one instance is : of mixed or ill-conceived origin . And king James says : Deuteronomy 23:2 | Read whole chapter
    A bastard shall not enter into the Congregation of the Lord: euen to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the Congregation of the Lord. I have always had a feeling against this mixing and a feeling toward other races. It was built in, nothing I learned. Some others don’t seem to see, hear or feel what I do. I can see why it would be forbidden. It erases the line. And who was the first murderer?
    Genesis 4:8 And Cain talked with Abel his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him.

  4. Another good book it mentions the hill or Mound of Tara at the end. Tara also called the Mound of Hostages. Then there is this site that says beads were found there matching Egyptian beads. I’m thinking more like Israelite beads. The story is that Jeremiah came to Ireland with a princess who married the Prince in Ulster. This is on the last few pages of that book. Read below:

    The second half of Chain II. begins some six years after Jeremiah disappeared from Egypt, with the arrival and ship- wreck, on the West coast of Ireland of a great prophet, who had in charge a most- beautiful princess from the East, and a most holy stone. An Ulster prince had just been elected as Heremon to rule over Ireland. He marries the princess on condition that he will expel Baalism and worship the true God, and found a College of Ollams, or learned men. It is known that Ireland was very much peopled then by Canaanites, descendants from those who fled before the Israelites when they took possession of the Land of Canaan. There is also evidence that the Tribe of Dan fled by the sea from their captors and colonised Ulster in Ireland, and Denmark; and also that it was in one of their ships, 130 years later, that the prophet, the princess, and the stone were brought to Ireland, when the ship was driven to shore in the Ulster loch.

    1. True about the tribe of Dan. Denmark means the mark of Dan, as there are more marks, names of this tribe, Danube, Don, among a number of other names.

  5. This site tells of the beads. It also claims them to be Egyptian. King Tut having the same type and buried the same time. I believe the mound in Ireland as well as those that had already populated that country were Israelite’s. A marriage to continue the line of King David. And the Harp is a dead giveaway. I wish people could see how important this is. You already know the relationship at that time through DNA of the Israelite’s and Egyptians, and the connection through Moses.

      1. Yes! that is it. All of this plain to see and definitely not spoken about. The war is on the white people and especially the direct descendants. That’s why two former Google execs have went to ancestry dot com. They are creating a fake Jew lineage. They also have the searches messed up. Just one small change in the search bars and you get no results. Jeremiah did go, and later Joseph Arimathea . Of course all these lands were taken by different tribes at different times and their prior history had been forgotten. That ended up with fighting and killing between the tribes. I traced the line from Egypt to Troy then northwest through what is now Switzerland and Germany, Western Russia, and Scandanavia. These later were the Vikings who after many attempts then took England in 1066 William the Conqueror the Great grandson of Rollo the Viking. Both my direct ancestors. Lots of killing and destruction throughout history. The Vikings in the beginning were not Christians though they were Israelite’s. You know Russia is a Viking word. It means red. Just as the surname Russell means red.

        1. Esau means red, as we know. The Edomite Jews murdered the Czar family. Communism was introduced. Private owned farmlands and other private property was taken away. The owners were left completely destitute. The shield of the Rothschild is red. Like wise, the shield of the Salvation Army. The founder was a 33rd degree Freemason. The owners of Google are 33rd degree Freemasons. Just connecting the dots.
          Freemasonry is Jewish. Most of the members are Jewish.
          The name Russell is also mentioned in the thirteen satanic bloodlines. And I wouldn’t be in the least surprised that Charles Taze Russell, founder of the JW organization belongs to that family.
          Just connecting the several dots. They end up with the Edomites.

          BTW I needed a new laptop, the old one went haywire on me. It took some weeks for the new one to get here.

          1. I am not surprised that I am finding the same things. Yes they attempted to end the Line of Judah by Murdering the Czar and his family. Cold evil murder. These serpent lines are cold and without feeling except pleasure in causing suffering and bloodshed. Thanks for the links. I shared one online. I guess many are sheep. Sheep that need the good shepherd to protect them and bring the good back. We have been invaded . Now here in North Carolina where I live near Charlotte there are so many foreigners that white or Western people are almost the minority. The Mexicans believe that Israel and the Jews are persecuted. They themselves mostly have no religion or are Catholic. I see Hindus and all kinds of South Americans. This huge influx of people is pretty obvious. The next thing is medicine. I have never had a problem until a week ago. I had to go to Belmont to get the last available prescription filled and it was only a fifteen day supply. People are still brainwashed into believing Trump is a hero. All the wonderful pieces of the puzzle put together, here, by you. I am still experiencing the two thing. It’s continuous and obvious. He is telling me something. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s there continuously. I have shared the Book of Mathew thing about seven. It’s such an obvious thing and gives the new testament solid footing. Anyone with any sense at all couldn’t deny its connection to the Old Testament. And one of my favorite phrases lately is, ” where there is confusion, there is evil”. How a book can be filled with so much knowledge is another undeniable item. Russia also means red. I was wondering what you thought about the reference to the nations converging in Israel in the last days. I think Israel is the USA. Magog, Gog, etc.

  6. But, they haven’t destroyed the tribes yet. We were hidden. Now they know through ancestry and DNA. That’s where the Idea of bringing the other races around came about. I know when I am around my people. There is a feeling. The other groups aren’t on the same level.

    1. Yes, the USA is Israel, also known as Ephraim. Manasseh is Great Britain and the Common Wealth, like Canada and Australia. Remember, Manasseh the younger son of Joseph received the greater blessing.

      The Edomites and the non-whites know who we, the White Race are. The problem is we, the Caucasians don’t know who we are and to Whom we belong.
      Genesis 48 and 49 are chapters of importance. Especially now we are nearing the End Times. And I think God is revealing to the faithful Christians what the Bible is all about.
      Type in Anglo-Saxon or Anglo Israel because that’s where I found is essential information. With God’s help and the information I gathered online I know where to look in the Bible. But use DuckDuckGo or an alternative.

      We don’t have to agree with each other on everything. As long as we know that the LORD Jesus Christ came to this world first and foremost to redeem His own people, His kindred. And that our Kinsman Redeemer did not come to save the whole planet. We must surround us with people who share this same view. So by all means share the links. There will be White people who are willing to accept and believe this wonderful revelation.

      We are not All of One Blood. That’s what the so called Judeo-Christian us want to believe.

      Trump may have done some good things for America, nonetheless he failed. His daughter is married to a Jew. Remember, people who look White do not necessarily have a pure White DNA.

      1. You are so right and on time. One young lady I met has a person she feels sorry for from El Salvador who she supports . Carries him lunch and supports him. I watch her slave away and serve blacks and latinos where she works. They leave either no tip or small one and two dollar tips. She is pretty. Too young for me to have any romantic interest, more like a daughter. I finally went off. I told her everything I thought about how sick it made me to watch a white woman serve a Nigger or a Spic. Feel Guilty and lift up these low bred animals that are here destroying everything we and our ancestors built. Our nation and what we fought for and struggled to maintain given to these people. I brought up the dumb white people who destroy their bloodline by mixing with these animals. And all of the other things I have witnessed. And of course I got to hear how that poor creature from El Salvador acted and tried to be white. Sure that Hispanic is friendly. He wants to get in her pants. To those losers a white woman is a trophy. Then they treat white women like garbage . I told her I have seen enough. I don’t want to hear it or see it. I have already shown her who we are. I don’t care at this point. I am done accepting the slow destruction of my people. It;s not a fashion trend. Its genocide. I also said I will no longer eat or drink at that establishment because I don’t like Blacks or Latinos. I won’t accept any woman who lowers themselves and puts me even lower. Yes, the illusion and lie placed on us is so powerful that we actually serve our killers. It’s incredible the power of Satan.

        1. Too bad. The White Race is destroying its self.
          It seems that Trump is also a Jew, a “Scottish Jew”. So in fact, he also is one of them. But we know many presidents of the United States were Jews and Freemasons 33rd degree.
          LBJ and Bush Sr. and Jr., who were involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy are also Jews
          Barbara Bush as seems waa a daughter of ALeister Crowley.
          Dwight Eisenhower the ‘Swedish Jew’ (grandmother was black) (he pushed Judeo-Christianity in the 30s)

          The Clintons, Slick Willy is a Rockefeller, Jewish Hillary, Jewish)

          Here is the link

          1. Wow, that’s incredible. No wonder they are so murderous. WWII was a sacrifice of the Germanic tribe of Judah. Eisenhower was a brutal murderer.

          2. Eisenhower was a jew, Churchill was a jew, FDR was a jew, Stalin was a jew. And they were allies. General Patton once said that the wrong enemy was fought against. The general was conveniently killed in an accident, and it seems Eisenhower was involved. Just like Bush Sr. was involved in the assassination of JFK. The Bush family are jews.
            Hitler’s Mein Kampf became a forbidden book and taken out of circulation. The two issues sure are food for thought. Especially, when we know that the greater part of the German people are of the Tribe of Judah, the Royal Tribe, the Tribe of Jesus Christ.

          3. That’s okay, it’s a nasty place and a bad habit. There are just a few good people. Nearly all of the substitute channels are plagued with the fake Semites. And I imagine you have had to deal with trolls on your sites. I will only quote or speak of the things that we know. I will not and have never directed traffic here.

          4. There are just a minority of people who believe and accept that we, the white race, are the Biblical Israel. Many so-called Christians don’t believe this and show their hostility. That’s their problem, not ours.

            And the more we look online, the more we find. We cannot do very much about the world situation, but we can be alert of who our enemies. And of course, they are God’s enemies as well.

            Johnson is often a jewish name

  7. Hello Jackie,

    Just wanted to say great job on the article. I shared it with some Kindred as well. Keep up the good work, sharing the Truth with our People. As I was reading the article, I got a notification from you on our site. Amen amen! 83

    1. The praise goes to Yahweh. But thank you, Pastor David Miner. I do appreciate it you stopping by.
      Yes, I put the link of your website on this weblog and in the post Discontinuance of Bible Topics of the other one.

      Yes, we must share this wonderful truth.
      The truth sheds a complete different, but true light on God’s Word, the Holy One of Israel.

  8. Yes, the Zarahites did go into Troy. There is a long line of Kings and Queens there. Then north into Scandanavia according to my ancestry. Starting with this man Darda Dordames “founder of Troy” King of Arcadia
    Birth 1470 BC • Rameses, Goshen, Egypt
    Death 1414 BC • BC in Rameses, Goshen, Egypt
    I have to go through this line and put it in order then I will post it. The Roman empire was parallel to this group and east of it. It went north from Troy and into Scandinavia and western Russia. After that it became Viking of course and then into England. Scottish Kings such as the Stewart line including Robert the Bruce appeared to have sailed in through the straight of Gibraltar. at least according to the Scottish declaration of independence.

    1. Thank you, Clark for the additional information. It is interesting that most of the History is supported by the Bible.

      Then another thing, the Pharaoh in the time of Joseph was a white man.
      The pharaoh in Exodus 1:8 who did not know Joseph was of mixed-race, he was a non-white.

      Don’t be mistaken, people may look white but that does not mean that their blood is pure. The Edomite jews have mixed themselves with all kind of races.
      And when they have race mixed with White people it is an upgrade for them and certainly a downgrade for us.

      BTW, after I discontinued the Biblical topics on my “My Florals” blog, I discontinued the whole blog as well, after I had to reset my password. That was the beginning of this month.

      I know I haven’t been on Disqus that much lately, but I wanted to get the new blog Anglo-Saxon Nations on its way.

  9. And have a Merry Christmas, it’s a celebration for young and old. A time to gather and celebrate. My gathering isn’t such a big one anymore. Only two family members, the rest are the women I know and love. Just sitting on the couch with my friends brings me warmth. I have lost many friends and family due to the truth that must be brought out. It is an uncomfortable thing for them. Not for me. For me it brings great comfort. It also brings confidence.

    1. And the truth is Christmas is pagan, and it has nothing to do with the Birth of Jesus Christ.
      It is a pagan 12-day celebration of sun worship and winter solstice. The axial tilt of the earth is the furthest away from the sun. The Northern Hemisphere corresponds with the first day of winter. A Christmas tree/wreath and all other Christmas decorations originate from these pagan religions and cults.
      Nonetheless, I wish you a pleasant day with those you care and love, and considering it only a holiday.

      Same here, I have lost several friends because of what I believe now is truth. Where Yahweh God closes a door HE opens a window with a beautiful view.

      1. I know it is fake and a pagan thing. Just as the Catholic Church and choosing Sunday. I have always said it is a sin to celebrate Christmas as his birth day. I ignore that lie. To me it’s just for the kids and a time to gather. And for me also a chance to maybe patch up a few things with friends and family. My family always have some kind of trouble to bring to me to fix. I have a situation now that I have to face. Doing what I have been chosen to do will create another issue with one of them. So, once again, I move forward. My trust in the Lord. 🙂 . People forget what is important is their duty. Their duty is to help people and especially their family to keep everyone happy and without worry. This has turned into a competition and who has accumulated the most wealth. I have all that I need . Now the worry is transferred to me in an effort that I can’t see how I will leave it without causing another conflict. In fact it may go across my entire family. It’s the right thing to do. I am the only one left that this man trusts. His family abandoned him. The outcome is what the Lord has in his plan. I am his soldier. God bless you Miss , My prayer is that we will all resolve our issues and bring back the Love that keeps us happy and healthy. What Christ intended.

        1. Yes, we ought to be good to people, especially to the people of our kindred. We may not agree on everything, but I think God does not ask that from us. As we cannot know everything. However, as long as we keep focused on His Son Jesus Christ and abide by His Word, we cannot go wrong.
          And I consider, what we know as Christmas, as a holiday to spend with family and friends that we care about. Especially when it goes both ways.

          Keep praying. The prayers don’t need to be long. A few words or sigh of need to the Most High will suffice. As long as it is sincere.
          God bless and keep you, too, Clark.

          1. Happy new year Miss Jackie. Sometimes I wish I was the King. There are a few I would lock up.

          2. My best wishes for a good New Year to you as well Clark.

            A quote of Justin Martyr
            Christ, is our King, Christianity is our Race, which you knew once as Israel.

            A quote so true. May this quote accompany you throughout the year and always.
            Jesus Christ, the God of Israel, is our kinsman Redeemer.

    1. This is a symbolic number, I believe, just like 12 times 12 makes 144.
      Although, the White Race is the Biblical Israel. It does not mean that all of Israel will be saved. The event with Korah comes to mind in Numbers 16. Also, the happening with Elijah on the Mount Carmel that describes that 7000 Israelites did not bow before baal 1Kings 19:18.

      Neither can I, nor do I want to go that far, that people of other nations cannot be saved. The pagan king Nebuchadnezzar comes to mind. However, that does not make him an Israelite.

        1. Remain in the wonderful world of the Most High by reading and studying the Bible. In this deceptive time, it is time to read the Psalms, the Prophets and the words of the God of Israel, Jesus Christ in the four Gospels.

          1. Enjoy this fine day miss Jackie, here it is Sunny and mild. I am not sure what the true date of our Lord’s resurrection was, but today and it’s weather seems like a good replica. And I found something I had captured in a screen shot a few years ago. It is a list of the BOT operators on Realms. Some are quite a surprise. I had noticed the connections.

  10. Thanks Jackie. The Bot Operators are mostly the ones that post and they have MOD privileges. So, it looks like when Team Ferd came on and Solutions, it was a crowd of people that targeted just about whoever they wanted. I lost most of mine then shut my account down due to my display of anger about a certain item. Then again some that went to zero and beyond are bot operators.

  11. Smoke and mirrors. They are Jews mostly. And some are pretty disgusting and nasty. They do love atheists. I see Robin in it. Not surprised. There are several that dance around the Jew Channels.

    1. You name it and the jews (the Edomites, descendants of Esau) control/own it. They infiltrate and after some time they take over everything lock, stock and barrel.
      The “Covid-19”, and its deadly vaccinations, is also controlled by the jews.
      There is no Covid-19 as it never was isolated. Something may have and may be still is going around, but it is not Covid-19.

      They create problems and start wars, however, they make sure they have a solution before they implement their wicked plans.
      The so-called Covid-19, now it is the war in Ukraine and I wonder what will be next. Putin and Zelensky are both jews.

      Of course, they love atheists so that they, the jews, can make them their proselytes.(Matthew 23:15)

      1. True, absolutely. and the sheep are so willing to follow along. Even if these people were what they say and they clearly are not, there still should be no obligation to serve them by other humans.

        1. The White Race is mankind, the jews and the people of other races are humans. May more and more people of the White Race discover who they are and to Whom they belong.
          Mankind and humans are not created equal.

  12. And the sheep are waking up. I did a search and this site came up right at the top. That means it’s the most popular. It completely verifies all of this. Then that description of Christ. The different hair and beard color. That is also carried on in the Norsemen. I have that trait and see it in many white people. Where the mans hair on his head and in his beard are two different colors.

    1. Thanks for the link. Yes, the website tells like it is. I see on the right side many interesting posts to read. I bookmarked it.

      Clark, I read your discussion with American Patriot as well as other comments in the comment section, in of News For Everyone.
      Don’t bother because most of them are Judeo Christians. Their mind is locked up, and they threw away the keys.

      My comment to was to support you. Anyway, most of them really don’t know that the Bible is only about, for, to, and written by Israelites from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21. Let alone that they know who is who and what is what in the Bible. That is too bad because when do know, we enter into an entire different world, the World of Yahweh God, the Holy One of Israel.

      American Patriot quoted from Romans 3:3-19, saying that Yahshua Christ died “for all, not a culture or color” and that no one did any good. Well, after I finish writing this message to you, I’ll publish a post about John 3:16. It is the most abused and misunderstood Bible verse; showing that Christ did not die for all.
      Furthermore, Matthew 15:24 says that the Redeemer is saying that He came only for His kinsmen, the lost sheep of Israel.

      I am working also on a post of Romans 3:10 that no one is righteous. This also is incorrect reasoning. I’ll publish that in the near future as well.
      And thanks for stopping by again.

  13. There is no way a Christian can bow down and accept judgement from the Christ haters. They will take a phrase like “First to the Jew then to the Greek” and distort it completely. My take on that is that the Christian gospel came first to Judea then Greece. Yes. you are right. I knew before I even started with my posts that the whole group was either lost or Jews. Their corrupt Bibles I addressed at the start. And the one question of where the bible says Jews are the chosen ones. That word Iewe. All the Realms channels are a creation of Jews. They came on board at the same time and the brainwashed people that call themselves Christians. I did my investigations and those women I corresponded with are just information gatherers. Each one, bowing down to that group and paying homage. They will not address the issue and the false Israelite’s. They push immorality, race mixing etc. There are two in particular that come across so smooth and godly. Most of her preaching is pretty good except her involvement in the Shavaua Tov Jew Channel. Somehow they seem to think they should pay homage and bow down to these nasty murdering people. I had my run in with that so called wonderful One they call Proud conservative Mom. Like most they claim to be descendants of holocaust survivors. But she has no documentation and I brought that up as well as the Israelite thing. They have no documentation or ability to prove their claims. That site will not discuss religion however is a cheer leading place for the fake Israel. These Catholic churches around here are so lavish and richly adorned. They are huge almost like castles and their grounds so well kept. It is hypocrisy to agree with such a miss use of money and worship of Idols and dead people. And the Pope wants more. I knew I was wasting time, and they get quiet after a bit. But it’s true, it is time. The scepter shall not depart from Judah until Shiloh. Your response was appreciated as I stood alone as I usually do.

    1. A good thing for you to do, not to waste your time on those Judeo-Christians and their belief that Jesus Christ died for the entire world. That is just not so.

      The so-called apostle, Paul, a pharisee, infiltrated and subverted the Teachings of Jesus Christ throughout his epistles and dragged the apostles, and in particular Peter, through the mud. That shows his true colors.
      But that’s what the jews do, they infiltrate. That’s why they own/control just everything in the world, even the pulpits in the Judean temples.

      The jews stole everything from us Israelites and are claiming not only that they are Yahweh God’s chosen people but that they belong to the tribe of Judah, the Royal Tribe. The word Judean does not refer to the tribe of Judah. However, that’s what the jews us want to believe

      I made a mistake in one of my latest comments on Disqus. Where I wrote the majority of Judeo-Christians, but the word majority must read ALL. I cannot edit, nor write a new comment. Just that you know.

    2. And by the way, most of them, they don’t know who is who and what is what. Let alone that they know the difference between the Two and the Ten Tribes. The difference between the Southern and the Northern Kingdom. The Royal Tribe and the Tribes of the First Birthright.

      The Old Testament is the very foundation of the Gospels and the time to come.

  14. Yes, I wondered about that term and how it was brought in. I realized that after the crucifixion there was a great interest in hiding the truth.

    1. Or even better said, the Old Testament is the very foundation of the Teachings of Jesus Christ and the time to come.
      The epistles of Paul were rejected by the early Assembly but after about a century Marcion, a converted jew, dug up then up stating that that was the only truth. And the Teachings of Jesus Christ and the Epistles of Peter, James, John, Jude and Revelation were a deception. And the jews are rather successful in hiding the Biblical truth, due to the deception throughout the epistles of Paul. It has subverted Christendom. Typical jewish.

      The jews are causing chaos in the world, to cover up their evil intentions. When They have a solution ready for the problems, they are going to cause. Just like with Covid-19. There is no Covid-19 because it, never has been, isolated. When everyone would be vaccinated, that surely would solve the problem. No not really. Meanwhile, the Big Pharma owned by the jews have been raking in the money. Many healthy people died because of the vaccine.

  15. I wonder if it wasn’t poison of some kind. Sprayed into the atmosphere. It hit everyone all of a sudden.

    1. Maybe something like Chem trails? I have no idea. The weirdest things happen. But that shouldn’t be a surprise, the jews ruling the world. For the time being, anyway.

      1. There is a video where a woman at the UN was talking about Chem trails. There had to be a way that illness spread so quickly. The following verse pertains to this time. Revelation 12:17: And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make warre with the remnant of her seed, which keepe the Commaundements of God, and haue the testimony of Iesus Christ. (That would be us. ) Revelation 12:9 | Read whole chapter
        And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the deuill and Satan, which deceiueth the whole world: hee was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. And when the dragon saw that he was cast vnto the earth, hee persecuted the woman which brought foorth the man childe.

        1. The Chem trails will affect people of all races. They cause cancer, among other diseases.
          Yes, we are the people who keep the Commandments of Yahweh God. And we are a unique people. And the jews hate us. The White Race needs to be wiped out, according to the jews and the race-mixed people. Flooding White Israel Nations with Black and race-mixed people is one way of doing this. Soros, among others, are behind this wicked scheme. That also is what Revelation 12 is about.
          The White Race are in total ignorance of this truth. Yahweh God is revealing His truth to more and more people, in this time. And we are to share this. Whether people of our Race will accept this or not, that’s completely up to them.
          I don’t and cannot know everything that is in the Bible, but what Yahweh God taught me through His Word and others who in good faith are pointing matters out to me, I like to share that with others.
          Yahweh’s Covenant people need to wake up, before it is too late.

  16. Out of all the sites, yours is the most accurate. All the other ones start out okay then have areas where they lose the trail. Sometimes I wonder if it isn’t intentional. It makes me happy to know that his sheep will be saved. There has been such an indescribable amount of suffering and murder of our people. I always knew who my people were, I could even feel it in their writing. But the lost ones are lost. Many times I have discussed who we are with others. They can’t seem to understand it. I as a child would read the Bible. It didn’t open up for me until I was in my thirties. After that, each word and phrase became not only understandable but had such a great value. I understand why one of my grandmothers in her old age did nothing but read it. It keeps on giving. I have said it before, it is a multi dimensional thing. I sent Miss Robertson this link. I admire that woman. She is independent, strong but gentle. And baptists are Bible studying people.

    1. Really Clark, I don’t know everything, It is all glory to the Most High, the Holy One of Israel. Part of the credit, I have to give to William G. Finlay and David James. With the issues, they bring up, I search the Bible. They are putting me on the back of the horse, so to speak.

      When we understand that the Bible is written about, for, to and by Israelites and, we carefully read and study the Teaching of Yahshua Christ then we as Peter says that we, the White Race, are coming out of darkness into a wonderful light. And I like to share this to the kindred people, whoever- and wherever they are.

      Yes, Miss Robertson doesn’t comment that much at this time. I am following her and I see that her last post was a month ago.

        1. Clark, what do you mean by: “The number two, create and destroy, that’s what I did. It’s my fault.”

          1. Well, that’s what happens. First I create a warm happy peacful situation, then it gets destroyed. I see it everywhere. Sure there might be a reason. Anyway, it;s what happens. I think I expect too much. But it’s okay. The two thing is everywhere around me. No, I’m not crazy or imagining it. It means to Join and it also means to divide.

          2. You are so right!
            The world has opposites, good and evil, and it is for us to make the right choice. Where there are jews, it is dead certain that there will be double trouble as time passes by.
            The culprits are all round us. That’s why it is important, to recognize jews and the race-mixed. And I can assure there are plenty of them running around; not only online but also in your own surrounding.

            My latest blog post on this weblog is about this topic, with a link provided to learn how to identify a jew. On their facial features, but on their last names as well.

  17. Usually they are the ones that worship money. As far as the hairline, the widows peak is a trait that certainly isn’t a Jew only trait. Male pattern balding will end up that way. For that matter many RH negative people have that.

      1. Now my avatar has been hacked. Ancestry dot com has been purchased by Blackstone. Anyone that contributed their DNA made a mistake. I pointed out a few years ago that two members who were former employees at gooogle had moved into that company. Nice Avatar but I think I’ll try to change that one.

  18. I have no Idea who put that woman in as my Avatar. I must apologize. I had not seen it. I put the lion in.

  19. I said it before, they are looking for the tribes through DNA and Ancestry.
    According to new reports from Reuters, the multinational private equity firm
    ( Blackstone Group has purchased for the staggering price of $4.7 billion. This acquisition includes all debt accumulated by as well, which shows just how eager Blackstone is to add the company into its vast portfolio.)

  20. Right Blackstones purchase, all the representations of people which used to be just an outline of either a man or woman until an image was selected have now become Negro men and Women. They will use that site to further destroy history.

    1. Yes, I believe so too and I would not be the least surprised that a jew or someone of jewish descent bought Ancestry. The jews stole everything from the White Race. Our Names, our identity, our inheritance, our DNA (race mixing)

      Ever thought of Lamentations 5:2 Think DNA
      Our inheritance is turned to strangers, our houses to aliens.

      And this is one of the problems, and mankind falls for it.

      1. And now I hear that Blackrock is buying up land at high prices and the Fed is giving them the money.
        Blackrock is the big market player.
        Laurence D. Fink
        Laurence D. Fink is Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BlackRock. He and seven partners founded BlackRock in 1988, and under his leadership, the firm has grown into a global leader in investment and technology solutions.
        Then Bernie Sanders and this guy NYC Billionaire Catsimatidis Warns of Looming East Coast Diesel Rationing
        East Coast diesel stockpiles are the lowest on record
        Diesel prices have risen 16 straight days to a new record.
        So this is how they further choke down the US and cause more reliance on Government. All these problems go back to the ones that have infiltrated every business, religion and government. Just as they planned. They need to go.

        1. Laurence D Fink is a jew. Is that any wonder? His partners are either jews as well or proselytes. And Bill Gates has been buying up farmland as well.
          They infiltrate. That’s all they do.

          The names mentioned in this article are all jew names. The Clintons , the Bushes, are also of jewish descent. They look white, but they are not one of us. And guess what, the late Barbara Bush is a daughter of Aleister Crowley.

          You name it the jews own/control it.

          1. Oh my gosh! He was the most evil person I ever read about. And my opinion, she was ugly as sin. Yes Bush senior was an evil man. He signed the bill that put the Jewish Mosaic laws into our law. The bill was called national education day if I remember correctly. He was also involved in the JFK assassination. Do you remember that classified document I sent to you from the sixties? Do you still have it? If so e-mail me a copy. Thanks.

          2. This is what I have.

            Bush Sr. was in Dallas, at the time JFK was murdered. Johnson (can also very well be a jew name) was involved as well. It was nothing but a conspiracy. But I found also something else. It is the UFO that was found in Roswell, NM back in July, 1947. Kennedy requested full information a few days before the fatal event in Dallas, TX. He just knew too much, and the jews hated it and they hated him. And Roswell may be an additional reason. And who knows what else he knwew.


  21. Thanks, I’ll check them out.
    I can see the fallen angels who are these aliens now coming into the arena. These things always come into the media as movies then they bring them out later. Ignorant people think aliens are something we as humans can accept into our midst. They are demons. One major issue with JFK was that he bypassed the Fed and issued silver backed treasury notes. Those were taken out of circulation by Johnson who also started the forced busing and integration of Blacks into white schools and everything else. Any person or nation that doesn’t accept the paper money gets taken out. I was watching a few videos of the expulsion of Germans after WWII. I just can’t believe the effect that constant brainwashing has had on people. I’ve said before that Murder is what it is regardless of who does it. However, several times peace was offered by Germany and it was refused. Of course the Jews had nothing to lose by sitting back and pushing us into that Genocide of white people on both sides. They are sick people with no conscience. In fact they probably enjoyed it. After the blood sacrifice was over, they dreamed up their Holocaust and probably used pictures of dead Germans to back up their victim scandal. Then years of brainwashing put guilt on everyone just like the slavery thing. I truly believe they celebrate during these slaughters of Gods people

    1. The jews already declared to Hitler in 1933. Hitler wanted out of Germany. That’s what he meant de Endlosing (the final solution) When Hitler was young, he realized what kind of people the jews were. Rats.
      Kennedy was murdered for several reasons, including the ending of the Federal Reserve. The brainwashing and the deceit, it is just beyond words.

  22. And I found this:
    Political Institutions

    The United States judged it to be a wise and righteous principle, in harmony with natural law and the superiority of the people to restrict citizenship in the United States and territories exclusively to the white race.

    Therefore the following fundamental law was enacted as the established basis of citizenship in Missouri:

    Naturalization of Aliens

    Abstract of Laws of the United States in relation to the naturalization of aliens.
    Section 1. Any alien being a free white person, may be admitted to be a citizen of the United States, or any of them on the following conditions and not otherwise:

    Section 4. Any alien, being a free white person, and a minor under the age of twenty-one years, etc.

    Section 10. Any alien, being a free white person, who was a resident within the limits, etc.

    Section 11. Nothing in the foregoing section 10, contained shall be construed to exclude from citizenship, any free white person who living within the limits, etc. Act of March 3, 1813.

    The Constitution of the United States (Amendment): Article 5 No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation March 4, 1789.

    The Constitution of Missouri of 1820, expressly stipulated in Article 3, Section 10, that a qualified elector of all elective offices shall be a free white male citizen of the United States.

    Section 3. No person shall be a member of the House of Representatives, who shall not be a free white male citizen of the United States.

    Section 5. No person shall be a senator, who shall not be a free white male citizen of the United States.

    Section 26. The General Assembly shall have no power to pass laws.
    (1st) for the emancipation of slaves without the consent of the owners or without paying them, before such emancipation, the full equivalent for such slaves emancipated.
    The General Assembly was vested with power to pass laws.
    (1st) to prevent Negroes and mulattoes from coming to, and settling in this state, under any pretext whatsoever.

  23. And in the same article, this :
    No Race Degeneration

    Excerpts from Missouri Statutes of 1845, chapter 115. Marriages, section 3. All marriages of white persons with Negroes or mulattoes, are declared to be illegal and void. Section 4. Provided for violations of the foregoing by persons solemnizing any such marriages and persons violating the above, penalty of fine and imprisonment. There was no race degeneration during the pioneer period. Additional to the peril to life and property from lurking savage, the pioneer had to contend against insurrection and the robbery by the dishonest Abolitionist. One authentic instance from the circuit court records of Marion County, of 1841, exhibits how the guilty were detected, arrested, and punished. At Quincy, Illinois, the Mississippi river is about one mile wide to the bottom lands of Marion County, Missouri. Those low lands were overflowed annually, were uninhabited, and were not in cultivation. In 1841, George Thompson, a preacher and two others studying for the ministry, were living in Quincy and they formed a plot to ste, the slaves of the Missouri farmers. They came over and secretly induced a number of slaves of farmers living near Palmyra to agree to run away with them on a certain night. The Abolitionists and the slaves met at the appointed time, and went to the river bank opposite Quincy where a white man with skiffs was waiting to take them over the river. At that juncture the Missouri farmers captured the Abolitionists and slaves. A faithful slave had divulged the plot. The Abolitionists were placed in jail in Palmyra. In due course of law they were indicted, convicted of the crime and sentenced to imprisonment in the Missouri penitentiary for a term of years. The pretended, fabricated justification for the crime ” is herein given, in the words of the leader of the gang, who wrote a book exploiting his criminal conduct: “Prison Life, by George Thompson, Oberlin, 1847. The Mission Institute being situated near the Mississippi River, and just across the river from a slave state (Missouri) we could, as it were, hear the crack of the overseer’s whip the shrieks and groans of those who were suffering its cruel infliction, their earnest cries for help, their sighs for deliverance, their importunate entreaties, as they rehearsed to us their tales of woe, reached our ears, and our hearts melted with pity, while the resolution was formed to respond to their call; and if need be too, to risk our own liberty and lives to affect their rescue.”

    1. Thank you for all the information, I have bookmarked the link, and I look forward to reading it at my leisure.
      Your information is another proof, America was founded for White people only.

      1. The things I have noticed being around these other groups is. Blacks can repeat examples but cannot solve problems that occur that are new and different. They cannot invent new things. The South American ones that they call Hispanic but are not, are the same. They are accustomed to following instructions. The Orientals seem to be able to create art work in things like Cork and wood . But once again they aren’t very good at creating new things or designs for a purpose or to fix a problem. For example, all the designs used in Japanese automobiles were originally American. They then modified and polished up these designs. All these groups have these things in common, Black hair and very dark eyes. The true Spaniard was a western person and has the western traits. There are many of them in South America. Some have intelligence but I’m not seeing anything like German, Italian, Swiss, ingenuity or craftsmanship. It could be the effects over the centuries of their relationship with the local population. So in the dark skinned races this mental design indicates to me that they are the first creation and not Adams descendants created in the image of God . Noah built the Ark and there was a flood. The other races were in different areas and survived, In fact, Africa, South America and Asia. They were once again of another creation. Mesopotamia was where the corruption of Gods people had happened. So, what I see is Desert where the Evil ones go. The Ark landing on the mountain was the beginning of modern civilization. (These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God. ) From there the white people of the west. Egypt fell to the Africans. South American Indians did not build those pyramids, They were slaves.
        But then there are the cloud people of Peru:
        To this day, all we really know about these fascinating people is what we can read in the logs of the Spanish that visited the Northern Andes. Probably the most famous quote about the Cloud People comes from the Spanish conquers Pedro Cieza de Leon, he wrote that the Chachapoya were ““the whitest and most handsome of all the people that I have seen, and their wives were so beautiful that because of their gentleness, many of them deserved to be the Incas’ wives and to also be taken to the Sun Temple.” Orellana, another Spanish conqueror wrote a similar description, and also stated that the Cloud People were much taller than the Spaniards, and had extremely light skin and blonde hair, pointing to the fact that they were of European ancestry not Mediterranean. These facts continue to puzzle modern day scientists, as there is no evidence of previous European genes being present in this area of the world before the Cloud People.
        I think these people were Some of the tribes of Israel. Possibly Viking. And Now we find that Europeans were the original settlers in North America.

        1. That’s interesting information, thank you.

          In the time of Joseph, the son of Jacob, the Egyptians were white people. Later on, the pharaoh who did not know Joseph, the Egyptians were colored people. Race-mixing has taken place.
          Someone told me this and I checked, and the information was correct. It may very well be that you were the one who told me.

          Yes, the White Americans are of all European descendant. People who are of Spanish descendant are called Hispanic, just like the Mexicans, but they, the Spaniards, are not. They are all also Caucasians. The Spaniards are mostly descendants of the tribe of Simeon. When they migrated to the United States, they mainly settled in territories like New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California.

          And see now, how non-whites and race-mixed people are flooding the United States and other Aryan Nations, like Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, and Western Europe. It’s one of the so-called blessings of the jews.

          Water represents peoples. Revelation 12:12-17, describing the Woman with Man Child

          1. I have been reading some of your links and going deeper into them. I started with Secular Tribes of Israel Identities and just finished These are amazing and back up what we know nicely. There are just a few small details that are a bit different. But, different people all over the west are finding the truth about our ancestry and who we are. I see the prophesy coming through . Thank you for sharing this. Especially now when the evil is running rampant.

          2. Yes, more and more people of the White Race are starting to wake up, and they are also searching the Scriptures. They may look at it from different point of view, but most of the time they come to the same conclusion. And the most important thing is that we, the White Race, know who we are and to Whom we belong.
            Have also a look at the links on the right side.

            The jews, the blacks, and the race-mixed claim that Yahshua Christ was not a White Man, The Bible verses, the mongrels come up with are out of context and their lies are unbelievable. That’why we have to share this Truth before it is too late. Hopefully, the Biblical Israelites will wake up, believe and accept. The White Nations have become flooded with mongrels.

            Clark, I intend to close out my Disqus account one of these days, after I have gone through my comments of the last years.

            Another e-mail address you can find in the footer of this weblog. I thought I let you know.

  24. I understand. After I realized that there was so many Jew connections throughout those channels I kind of lost my interest in Disqus. And sites such as Brietbart and several others seem to be just baiting people. Realms channels are all connected to that Pud fellow. Poor lost souls don’t realize they are following the wrong religion. Christians do not bow down to Jews and wait patiently for the savior to return so the Jews can come first before them. That Saul/ Paul and his writings are very misleading. Even if a person believed those writings then at this point they would surely have to have an ounce of self preservation left in them and move away from that group of nasty people. I have my E-mail address which you know. I sure hope we can stay in touch. Thank you. Things change around me constantly but I’m holding steady.

    1. The only true Christians are the Biblical Israelites, the White Race. Christianity is not a religion, it is a Heritage. We should not worry about people of any other race. The Holy One of Israel is able to take care of this matter. What we have to do, is to share the Truth and be ready for the Kingdom of Heaven. The narrative of the five wise- and the five foolish virgins in Matthew 25 comes to mind.
      There is some truth in the epistles of Paul, but that is to gain trust, It’s how the edomite jews operate. When the Pauline epistles would not have been in the Bible, we could not have missed anything. Posts about Paul’s epistles will be an ongoing issue on the weblogs.

      Yes, it is high time to close down the Disqus account. Of course, I’ll always respond to your comments to the best of my ability. Although I don’t know everything, yet it will be a pleasure.

  25. And just as I expected, this is what happened to Germany. Author-Unknown-How-Hitler-Defied-The-Bankers the highlander This is a PDF. This shows how truly murderous and evil these Banking Jews are, But their power and control only lies in their ability to control through money and misinformation and fear. These things all seem to first come to me through my own reasoning. Then I find an article. After watching people and nations be destroyed by trying to escape the currency and taxing, I then assumed that this had happened. Just like the confusion and fear being pushed now. But I no longer have that fear. I haven’t in years. I know where it comes from now and the Lord is my strength and protects me. Have a wonderful day. That is a PDF .

    1. Money, power and destroying the White Race, God’s Covenant people that’s all the jews care about. Although Yahweh God has smitten us with blindless, Deuteronomy 28:28, that surely does not mean that the Edomites are allowed to abuse and destroy us. We are now in Jacob’s Trouble. Yahweh’s judgement will follow, at His time and in His way.

      When we carefully read the Bible, we can find errors because the scribes have tampered with the Word of Yahweh. We can read that in Matthew 23. Yahshua Christ is probably referring to Jeremiah 8:8. And we can connect the dots of all that is happening in the world

      1. And the Edict of expulsion in 1290 was by King Edward I my 23rd grandfather. I’m not going to call it antisemitism because we are Semites. And I was doing some reading in the line of Masonry. That sect was corrupted by the Jews at about the same time the word Jew came about. In the beginning there never was 32 or 33 degrees. Take a read Miss Jackie and tell me what you think.

        1. Thank you, Clark. This is quite interesting. Good find. I haven’t read it all, but I sure will, as I saved as word document.

          What I can tell you is that, as you know, freemasonry is a jewish organization. Most of the members are jews. Those members that are not jews are proselytes.

          The Scottish right of freemasonry has 13 levels. The US freemasonry has 33 levels. Let’s take Scotland. Jews have race-mixed with the Scottish people time and again. And believe it or not, Trump is an example. You’d think he belongs to the White Race. No, he doesn’t. He is definitely jewish.

          The Jacobite (Jacobin) jews, brings me to the French Revolution. Only jews caused the French Revolution. Robespierre, Paul Marat among many others
          destroyed the good life of the French People.

          And today we see the same thing in the United States and other White Israel Nations, destroyed by the offspring of the father of lies. ADL, BLM. Ever since South Africa, a White Nation, is ruled by black presidents, the country has become, you know what, a hole. Jews, black and race-mixed hate the White Race, our cleanliness, purity, and beauty. So everything, what the White Race has built, is now being destroyed by this scum. They are projecting their problems they cause on us, the White Race.

          1. My Grandfather Edward was a great man. He was a crusader and a strong military leader. The same year of the Edict, His wife Eleanor became sick and died. She was a beautiful woman. They had sixteen children. Only six survived. The second child Joan of Acre born during a crusade. And Yes Trump is a Jew and a liar. He is selling us down the river.

          2. Thank you for sharing the story, Clark.
            Yes, Trump is one of them. We are surrounded by evil people, and they are doing everything to destroy us,the White Race.

  26. Google is scrubbing internet sites. They have groups of people that eork for them that remove sites. And searches will take you in circles. The cookies stored on our computers direct and narrow our searches. Ink in these printers fades. Maybe a pencil and paper is what I will use. There was two sites that you posted, they are gone.

    1. Afraid the truth comes out. The owners of Google are jews. When I find, online, something that sounds truthful, I take the trouble to copy and paste to make a Word document out of it and continue to look for more sources about the topic.

  27. One item that has come forth. That is the discovery of a Rabbi in Queen Elizabeth’s line if ancestry. This is their claim to their relationship to King David. However, since King Richards remains were discovered under a parking lot and her DNA did not match, that eliminates that link and claim. She is a descendant of Jews. So the scepter has departed from Judah.

      1. It comes to me. This is the ancestral proof. Then we have black people claiming things such as King James was black and the mother of the Black knight Isabella of France, Queen of England called the She Wolf was black. And trying to link her to an Ethiopian king. I’m sorry but that womans features had absolutely no African characteristics. Her father King Louis. But These search engines and now Ancestry hides these things. Blacks will add this to their claims.

        1. Of course, Clark people who are not of the White Race are piling up lie after lie. The Edomite jews taught them this, the offspring of the father of lies from the beginning.

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