Signs & Wonders

and shall multiply My Signs and Wonders in the land of Egypt” Exodus 7

Covering the first three of the ten plagues in Egypt. The Hebrew people were only involved in these three plagues. These plagues are pointing to the present time as well.

Yahweh showed His Signs and Wonders through Moses and Aaron to the pharaoh when he asked for a miracle. The pharaoh would not let the people of Yahweh go. Aaron cast his rod in front of the pharaoh and the rod became a serpent. The pharaoh was not impressed at all. Yahweh hardened pharaoh’s heart and he called for his magicians. They also cast down their rods; their rods also became serpents

The first three plagues in Egypt were: 

  1. the water turned into blood,
  2. frogs,
  3. lice

1 The water turned into blood. Through Moses and Aaron Yahweh turned water into blood. The Nile River, streams and, pools throughout the land all became a mass of blood. All fish and other living creatures died. People tried to get water from the ponds that did not turn into blood. The magicians smote their rods like Moses and Aaron did and yes these ponds also became blood and made it all even worse. Although the pharaoh did promise to let the Hebrew people go when Yahweh would turn the blood back into the water. However, the pharaoh did not follow up on the promise he made. Yahweh hardened pharaoh’s heart.

The evil odor of blood: pollution of air, earth and water caused by politics and technology in favor of progress and advancement, radioactive- and nuclear waste.

2 Frogs. Yahweh had with Aaron’s rod frogs turn up out of the water of the Nile River streams, and ponds throughout the land. The frogs were in abundance everywhere even in the baking ovens of the kitchen in the palace. The pharaoh called for Moses and Aaron to ask Yahweh to have the frogs destroyed and only live in the river. He then would the Hebrew people go. The land of Egypt had an evil odor of all the dead frogs that the people had to clear away. Again the pharaoh did not listen and refused. Yahweh hardened pharaoh’s heart. Frogs are the unclean spirit.

Revelation 16:13
And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

The evil odor of frogs: anyone who believes in the evolution theory, the big bang or adheres to false doctrines of old eastern religions/cults, believes in socialism. The dumping of nuclear waste and radiation in favor of technical- and scientific progress.

3 Lice. These  lice were mosquito-like and were bloodsuckers. Then Yahweh said to Moses that Aaron had to smite his rod into the dust and the land was covered with lice. The magicians also tried to do the same. In doing so they failed. Then the magicians said to the pharaoh that this was the Finger of Yahweh. The Finger of Yahweh Who wrote the Ten Commandments. The Finger of Yahweh Who is the Power of the Holy Ghost. Anything in relation to creating new life, or the resurrection of new life, satan has absolutely no power. To create lice out of dust takes power of creation. That’s why the magicians failed, that’s why satan failed. Yahweh Who can display signs and wonders is the Only One Who is able to restore-and give new life, for He IS the Life.

–John 11:25
Jesus said unto her, I Am the Resurrection, and the Life: he that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:

Yahweh did intervene and took charge. The pharaoh and all his chariots were drowned, as soon as the last Israelite passed on the dry ground of the Red Sea, Yahweh provided.

Yahweh will intervene and take charge of evil speakers and the wicked.

–Psalms 140:13 Surely the righteous shall give thanks unto Thy Name: the upright shall dwell in Thy Presence.

The Hebrew people were not involved with the remainder of the seven remainder plagues, only the Egyptians,

  1. Swarms of flies,
  2. Grievous murrain,
  3. Blaines,
  4. Grievous hail,
  5. Locusts,
  6. Darkness,
  7. All first born to die

After the tenth plague, the pharaoh finally did let the peopleof Yahweh people go.