Aryans Arise!

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Aryans, arise! Once again our beloved homeland is being invaded by the enemy. Our forefathers’ blood is crying unto us from the ground just as righteous Abel’s blood cried unto our Father Jesus.

How long before we unite and drive the enemy from our sacred soil? What will it take? The sacrifice of our children and loved ones when they are run through with the sword or raped by some craven alien? Shall we allow them to plunder lands as they see fit? What then? Let’s rally around our present-day patriots like those of old. Let there be a shaking throughout this land such as the world has never seen nor heard.

Let the dry bones come together never to be separated again. Let the standard be raised to its highest height, proclaiming liberty and justice to the White Aryan in the name of our Father, Jesus the Christ.

S0, arise Aryans, put on the whole armor of our Savior and boldly let the Celtic and Saxon and rebel war cries be heard once again throughout our land. May our Father, Jesus the Christ, guide you unto victory. What has happened to those famous words, “Give me liberty or give me death, or those high-spirited words, “Remember the Alamo”?

Is there no one left with courage to speak them? Did our forefathers fight in vain? Did they shed their blood so that the alien hordes could run rampant throughout our beloved homeland? What do you believe our forefathers would do now?

So, once more let us stand as David of old and not be afraid of Goliath. Let us go forth in our Saviours name and let our kinsmen pry our fingers off the sword at day’s end like they did to Eleazor (Il Samuel 23:10), one of David’s mighty men whose hand clave unto the sword. Victory is in the arm of the Lord, Jesus the Christ.

A State for our people!

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