Pure Water out of the Holy Fountain

To read: Ezekiel 47:1-12,

Ezekiel 47:9c for they shall be healed; and every thing shall live whither the river cometh

When the LORD brought Ezekiel in the Spirit to the Temple Mount he beheld a splendid new Temple full of the Glory of God. And much to his surprise, he sees that water is coming from underneath the threshold; going a certain direction. The waters changed into a river running outside of Jerusalem to end up in the sea.

Where ever these waters run it reveals a living and purifying power. Even the sea turned into clear water. Fish can live there in abundance, the desolate surroundings turned into a paradise-like scenery.

  • What is special about this water?
  • Where does this water originate from?

The water originates from the invisible fountain that takes its waters from near the altar in the innermost sanctuary as the LORD has returned to the temple. And the waters are running ceaseless and irresistible!

Ezekiel did understand and it did encourage him. The water comes from God! This temple God is showing him is a fore shadow of the New Covenant, where the High Priest entered carrying the Blood of Atonement. Out of this heavenly sanctuary runs the Water of life. The Water of life that has the power over death. The Water of life that gives healing and fruitfulness. The Holy Spirit comes from God as a fulfillment of the promise through Christ. As a fruit of His sacrifice taken into heaven, the Water of the Holy Spirit runs from the sanctuary into this world like an overflowing river with unprecedented power and is unstoppable. Neither can it be canalized due to the enormous force nor does it come to an end. Wherever the Water of the Fountain runs that’s were it brings forth life out of death.  The search for God will and the calling for His grace will begin.

Through repentance sin and corruption will disappear. The Holy Spirit will bring new life and will bear fruit in abundance. The Water of the Fountain gives vitality and growth. Through grace, life will bloom in all its beauty and bearing fruit in abundance; rooted and made up in the Love of Christ to be fulfilled in all the fullness of God.

The vision that God gave to Ezekiel is fulfilled at Pentecost when God poured out the Holy Spirit and it continues to be fulfilled for Israel and the nations. For mankind and creation. The Water of the Spirit runs out from the Fountain of the heavenly Sanctuary and finds Its way in the regions of death. It will come to life. Life will triumph over the power of the grave.

  • Did we immerse our roots of life in the water of the Holy Fountain?
  • Is our life in Christ hidden in God?
  • Did we hear the sound of the running water?