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Illuminati, Pioneers Of The Anti-Christ

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The pioneers of the anti-christ are thirteen satanic bloodlines*, influential families who in fact are ruling the world (in alphabetical order): Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Li (Chinese), Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russel, VanDuyn, Warburg and Merovigan (all European royals); closely associated/interconnected: Bush, Clinton, Disney, McDonald, Krupp and Reynolds among others. They belong to the foremost satanists of the world and consider the devil as their only true god. They are paving the way for anti-christ.

These people are ruling behind the scene. They are the power behind:

  • the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and the Banking Industry
  • the food-and pharmaceutical industries
  • the railroads, the weapon- and the oil industry
  • the film- and music industry
  •  the drug trade destroying people and ultimately kill them
  • the MSM (Main Stream Media)
  • planning major wars and conflicts in the world,
  • that raised the so-called numerous refugees in the world
  • the global climate change causing natural disasters

 Be aware:

  • do not believe all information of the MSM or from any source that is coming to you.
  • do not believe in the World Council of Churches, United Nations, Council on Foreign Relations or other non-governmental institutions,
  • nor the pope, he is not the Holy Father,
  • nor the television pastors and their mega churches, they are maintaining their own man-made go$pel,
  • nor read the modern English bible translations, also known as the Westcott & Hort translations**. Believe in God’s Preserved and Inspired Word the King James Bible. Anything not mentioned in this Bible is not true.

The devil, the prince of darkness is always showing himself as an angel of light.


*thirteen satanic bloodlines,

**Westcott & Hort’s Magic Marker

**Various Contradictions and Omissions

 The NKJV  a deadly translation

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