Elijah, Arise And Eat

In the Desert


Elijah rise and eat, he seemed an awesome hero, a man who did not fear anyone or anything defying the royals and their court including the 850 false prophets. But he also had his weaknesses. As soon as he heard Jezebel was out to kill him he starts running away as far as he possibly can. He was, however, forgetting the strong and faithful Hand of God. The same Hand that also is leading us in our daily life. He was so confused and so very disappointed in himself that he asked the LORD to take away his life. Feeling his mission failed he laid himself down and fell asleep under a juniper tree. An Angel of the LORD came down and woke him up, gave him food and drink. While in the desert he looked around him and saw a cake baked on coals and a cruse of water. He ate and drank and laid himself down again.

Again the LORD touched him and for the second time he got up ate and drank; as he had to travel forty days through the desert.  Jesus Christ before he began His Ministry stayed forty days in the desert where the Saviour rejected satan three times.

This second time of Elijah’s awakening is of much more significance. The flight of Elijah is a foreshadow what is about to happen at the End of Time. Surely right after the confrontation with the idols Elijah flees to the desert and was fed by the Angel of God;  just like Moses who represented the Hebrew people. Moses who tended sheep in the desert for forty years for a gentile named Jethro. Elijah is standing right in front of Israel. Malachi 4:4 “Remember ye the law of Moses my servant,  which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, within the statutes and judgements.” Elijah is going through the phenomenon pointing to great tribulation Matthew 24:21 and Revelation 12:6 describe about the flight in the fullness of Israel to the desert. The time the flight will take place is just before great tribulation.

Elijah will be taken up to Heaven. He and Moses will appear on the Mount where the Transfiguration and Glorying of Jesus Christ took place. (Matthew 17)  Elijah will not see death in his time, he will see death in the End Time when he has fulfilled his second task. He will be killed during the reign of the antichrist but God will turn his death and that of Moses as well into triumph by resurrecting them both from the dead after three days. Jesus Christ was resurrected after 3 days; Jonah was in a big fish for three days (Revelation 11) Because of the internet verse 9 of this chapter falls into place. “And when the people and kindreds of all nations shall see their dead bodies three and half days”…..)

Mount Horeb


After traveling forty days Elijah came to Mount Horeb and lodged in a cave. Then the Word of the LORD came to him. According to the first chapter of John the Son of God. The LORD is saying in 1Kings 19:9 “What doest thou here  (= what are you doing here) Elijah?” and he emphasizes his active mission: ” I have been very jealous for the LORD the God Hosts: for the children of Israel have forsaken the covenant, thrown Thine altars and slain Thy prophets with the sword and I even I only am left; and they seek my life to take it away”  Being face to face with the LORD he has neglected also in danger of death to  put his trust in God. But before he leaves the cave to stand face to face with God something else happens. History is repeating itself when Moses asked to see the Glory of the Lord. Moses also was standing in the entrance of the cave when the Glory of God passed him by. The same with Elijah, however, there was a difference. Just before the Glory of the Lord  passed a great strong wind was released, that crashed and shattered the rock, but the LORD was not in the wind; neither was He in the earthquake that followed; the fire came but the LORD was not in the fire. God displayed frighting powers of nature. Elijah must understand that nothing including fear and death can separate the Love of God. He had to turn to God as a response to satan’s threat. Most of all in mortal danger. That is the same with us.  No harm will  come to us that is to our soul. Anyone who is owned and IN Christ is safe. Anyone not in Christ stands alone and is IN danger.

1Kings 19_KJB,png

When the Lord spoke to Elijah he had to leave the cave for the second time. He covered up his face with his mantle and in the stillness, a gentle and low Voice sounded: “What doest thou here Elijah?” He had to repeat the reasons for his flight. Then the Lord said to Elijah that he was to go to Damascus on his way back through the wilderness and anoint Hazael to be king over Syria; Jehu son of Nimsi king over Israel. The ones that served idols and escaped the sword the sword of Hazael would be slain through the sword of Jehu. “And Elisha the son of Shaphet of Abelmeholah shalt thou anoint to be prophet in thy room.” 1Kings 19:16.

In this time the greater part of mankind seek their baal in worldly pleasures, indulging in excess and defying the LORD.

to be continued part 3