The Kingdom of the Messiah

To read Isaiah 11:1-10

They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My Holy Mountain Isaiah 11:9a

What is written in the above text is hard for us to imagine.  A Kingdom without grief and suffering in this world. The world is full of famine and violence and actually we are not surprised anymore. One war after another that we are getting used to of hearing and so many people are suffering because of it. A world of sorrow and corruption is an utopia. Mankind can only dream and make belief, however with both feet on the ground we know better. The reality in this world is exactly the opposite.

What is the reason the prophet is speaking these words for in his time the situation was not any different; in his time the world was also a threatening world, a world that included grief and suffering. How could he have had a view of a world Kingdom of peace and righteousness? Was it a mere eye wash to by all means not to give up?

Not at all. Isaiah knows that there will be a Kingdom of perfect peace because God revealed this him. No matter how enigmatic and incomprehensible it may sound, this world is heading for this time to come. This time to come of welfare and peace, however, it will not and will be never be accomplished by world leaders and politicians nor by non-governmental organizations including the United Nations. This world of peace will be so rich, so all enfolding will be established by the LORD’s intervention only and therefore it will be beyond human imagination.

God started His Work for His Kingdom with the First Coming of Christ. Only one Rod came forth out of the root of Jesse a farmer in Bethlehem. Apparently without any significance as who would realize that the Child in the manger born in poverty  will be the King of Israel. How much did it cost this Child of Mary to establish this Kingdom of Peace. The manger in Bethlehem is the main issue of the Holy War and of hostility to God’s Promise between satan and mankind. The King Who will bring everlasting peace and righteousness.

No more then will there be grievance- and heavy burdens to carry, nor will there be any more corruption, nor anymore hostility of the old days. The curse of sin of this world is taken away by the Son of God and the Son of men.  The Saviour came down to earth leaving all His Glory behind and equipped with the fullness of the Gift of the Spirit to build a Messianic Kingdom. The foundation of the Messianic Kingdom is His Life, His Sacrifice, His Blood. The Saviour came down to conquer and break down demonic spirits, that were/are against Him and His Reign and His world Peace.

What a mighty and a wonderful perspective this prophecy is for Israel (Jacob) and those nations that long for the Messianic Peace of Jesus Christ.  Only they realize we are living in a broken world afflicted by unspeakable sorrow. The other part of mankind is focused to cause grievance and corruption for they are totally ignorant of  the knowledge of the LORD. This is actually the main issue of all distress. However once there will be a time that will be full of knowledge of the LORD. The nations will look for the Root of Jesse and His Rest will be perfect.


Luke 2_14


God has fortold it, the prophets have proclaimed it, and the angels of God praised it. God’s Peace on earth, goodwill toward men.-Luke 2:14-


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